The BEST article that has appeared on a newspaper thus far, about the 18+ advocacy initiative of SOS Children’s Villages Sri Lanka!
Progressive recommendations for aftercare support by the SOS CVSL, formulated in partnership with several organizations committed to child care and professionals at the event were also tabled at the event. The proposal to develop youth services to plan the departure of the youth from care and prepare them for independent living, the establishment of a range of aftercare services including financial and networking support and a monitoring mechanism to ensure effective delivery, development of staff/carer capacity to better support youth in this transition, a system for information collection management and tracking the state of care leavers in the country and a resource centre which will act as a referral mechanism run by care leavers themselves were among them. The bold call for media organisations to be more proactive in addressing these causes of youth leaving care by Nimali Tharu Kumari who aspires to become a ‘the best crime reporter’ resonated the will of the youth to be a catalyst of change.

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